Introductory Guide to the 3WSR Universe


Welcome to 3WSR! You're probably a little bit confused by all of this, but worry not, this handy guide will tell you all you need to know.

3WSR serves two purposes. The first purpose is to serve as a creative writing forum. Here you can post rough drafts of your work, whether fanfiction or original, for people to read and give advice on.

The second thing, and what makes this forum unique, is our series of longform games. In a longform game, each poster adds to the story by posting one or more paragraphs continuing the story. This creates a continuing, unpredictable narrative written by mulitple people. It might sound chaotic, but it's really quite fun!

The main longform game, often colloquially called "The Game" or even "3WSR", predates this forum by a year. Started in 2014 as a Thomas the Tank Engine fanfiction, the story rapidly went off the rails and is now a grimdark story about warring factions of mages fighting for control of the world, leaving it's Thomas and Friends roots behind. It's tough to get into, and an intro guide and reboot are both in the works.

Our latest star attraction is the Literary Mosaic series, which is a serialized mystery story set in 1950s London about private detective A. Gunnarson, Scotland Yard paranormal investigator Stein, rookie detective Marlena Gent, and other delightful characters. It is heavily serialized and planned out in advance, so be wary when trying to join this one.

We've got a variety of other stories too, mostly starring blatant self-insert characters in various genres with a more comedic tone, such as the 3WSR sitcom or Anime Fanon for Kool Kats. These games are loose enough that one can probably jump in. Just remember: just because they are loosely structured does not mean anything goes. There should still be a coherent story.

That should be it! Be sure to read the rules and ask our friendly staff if you have any questions. And most importantly: Have fun!


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simulflow: The only think Vietnamese about me is my liking of phở ! Feb 10, 2021 0:05:20 GMT -5
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simulflow: OK here I come to throw 3 words around! As soon as I figure out how to work this place! :D Feb 8, 2021 19:21:09 GMT -5
frankthetriviaman: Actually we take the concept a step further, in addition to having that game available in our rapid fire games Feb 7, 2021 1:05:15 GMT -5
8novels: I used to be addicted to Just Three Words and Three Word Story on Facebook. Is that what this site is about? Building stories 3 words at a time? I'm having a hard time navigating the site ...found some stories and can't figure out how to add to them. Help! Feb 6, 2021 20:45:28 GMT -5 *
frankthetriviaman: That’s it; time to take the forum back Jan 24, 2021 20:23:21 GMT -5
frankthetriviaman: Wait, THAT’S what they are advertising? Jan 24, 2021 20:23:05 GMT -5
Admin: Apparently this is now a forum exclusively for bots advertising Vietnamese gambling sites. All hail our robot overlords! Jan 24, 2021 18:12:38 GMT -5
frankthetriviaman: App wasn’t opening; we’re good now Sept 21, 2019 19:09:38 GMT -5
Toz5000XL: What sort of issues? Sept 21, 2019 18:57:35 GMT -5
frankthetriviaman: Anyone else having issues with discord? Sept 16, 2019 23:52:31 GMT -5
Admin: COMING SOON: OPERATION FALSE DAWN Mar 21, 2019 19:00:24 GMT -5
frankthetriviaman: where is everyone? Mar 3, 2019 1:19:45 GMT -5
TGC: although I'm still god of the wiki Mar 2, 2019 18:20:33 GMT -5
TGC: I approve of the changes to my profile. Mar 2, 2019 0:31:38 GMT -5
Dante's Inferno: yeah i haven't done anything to it Feb 18, 2019 13:48:19 GMT -5
frankthetriviaman: No it’s still up Feb 18, 2019 12:16:08 GMT -5
Tug: So is the 4WSR website gone then? Feb 18, 2019 5:26:44 GMT -5 *
Toz5000XL: When this forum was founded in 2015, it had zero gay. Now, in 2019, we have about 968 gay, and more arrives everyday. Join 3WSR today and make a cishet cry! Jan 7, 2019 0:25:30 GMT -5
Dante's Inferno: Happy New Year. Jan 1, 2019 0:18:57 GMT -5
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