General Forum Conduct

We do not tolerate spam of any sort. Any advertising items that is not in our advertising board is subject to deletion at any time. We may consider spamming also as multiple posts written in gibberish for the sake of flooding the forums. Please also see our Language Policy for further info on what languages are acceptable on 3WSR.

We consider freedom of speech an important part of life, but we will not tolerate any hate speech on 3WSR. If it's one of Carlin's seven words, you can say it so long as it isn't in an attack at any user. Slurs, however, are outright banned from the forum. Anyone caught using one will be eliminated from our community, as we take such offenses very seriously.

Dominating Threads
It's cool if you're an active poster, we're glad you enjoy the forum. If your posting comes at the cost of another's, however, then we ask you to slow down and make sure your posts are worth posting. Don't drown others out to better your post count.

Post Deletions
Please do not delete your posts and threads without reason. For further information, see our deletions policy.

It's cool! We'd rather you use an existing thread than start a new one.

Creating Threads
Please post all new threads in the right sections (as a side note, please also keep posts in the appropriate threads).

Bumping Threads
We're going to actively be on the look out for this behavior here on out. Bumping threads without any substance to the post is nothing more than a way to get your post count up; if people haven't responded, then no one's interested and it may be time you moved on. Any other short posts should be fine, as long as they're continuing discussion and not merely a way to get you to the top of the posting list. If you want to bump a thread, continue the discussion/game.

No. Just no. Let people live their lives how they want. If you think someone's harassing you, notify staff immediately. We have a 0 tolerance policy when it comes to this. Don't be a dick.

Attacking Other Sites
Listen, we've got enough on our plate as it is without having to defend ourselves against another site or group because someone who dislikes them whined about them here. Keep that to yourself and on that site. Whatever happens there, stays there. Similarly, whatever happens here, stays here. If you don't like us, fine. Don't run away and yelp about us elsewhere. Thanks.

It would be asked that any nude photos be at the very least censored, either in the image itself or in a spoiler tag. ProBoards doesn't mind nude pictures if they're art; a picture or an album cover is fine, but again, please censor it with a spoiler tag because not everyone is okay with this. Pornography is definitely very much prohibited on this forum.

Violent Imagery
Let's not go overboard here. Again, if it's related to art it's okay - a picture from a horror film is fine by us. But again, please censor it in a spoiler tag as some members may not be at ease with this kind of thing. If you're actually posting pictures of dead bodies, then this becomes a big issue.

Mini Modding
If you're not a staff member, don't act like one. Report any bad behavior to us, but leave it at that, please.

Please keep your temper in check here. If you have an issue with another member, including staff, don't attack them in an outburst. Instead, either contact a staff member if you think the user is causing trouble, or take a few deep breaths and do something else until your mind is clear.

Staff reserve the right to change these rules at any time. Thanks in advance for reading!

Disciplinary Procedures

This forum runs on a strict moderation process that consists of four warning stages. These are intended for any troublesome members, who will be dealt with through these warning stages.

The Moderation Process

25% - An official warning after bad behavior.

50% - If behavior continues, posting privileges will be revoked. These can be regained after a certain period of time, specified by the staff depending on the situation.

75% - Posting privileges may be revoked again, or in worse case scenarios, you will be banned outright for a certain period of time, again, depending on the situation.

100% - Outright ban. There's no coming back, so don't try to get this far.

Bypassing the Process

The moderation process can be bypassed at any time depending on the severity of a member's misconduct. Possible reasons for this include:
- Spamming
- Flaming
- Harassment
- Etc.

It is up to staff's discretion if the process is to be used or not.


Speak Your Mind
simulflow: The only think Vietnamese about me is my liking of phở ! Feb 10, 2021 0:05:20 GMT -5
8novels: Hellooooo simulflow ... I know you're not a Vietnamese spam bot! Feb 8, 2021 20:12:22 GMT -5
simulflow: OK here I come to throw 3 words around! As soon as I figure out how to work this place! :D Feb 8, 2021 19:21:09 GMT -5
frankthetriviaman: Actually we take the concept a step further, in addition to having that game available in our rapid fire games Feb 7, 2021 1:05:15 GMT -5
8novels: I used to be addicted to Just Three Words and Three Word Story on Facebook. Is that what this site is about? Building stories 3 words at a time? I'm having a hard time navigating the site ...found some stories and can't figure out how to add to them. Help! Feb 6, 2021 20:45:28 GMT -5 *
frankthetriviaman: That’s it; time to take the forum back Jan 24, 2021 20:23:21 GMT -5
frankthetriviaman: Wait, THAT’S what they are advertising? Jan 24, 2021 20:23:05 GMT -5
Admin: Apparently this is now a forum exclusively for bots advertising Vietnamese gambling sites. All hail our robot overlords! Jan 24, 2021 18:12:38 GMT -5
frankthetriviaman: App wasn’t opening; we’re good now Sept 21, 2019 19:09:38 GMT -5
Toz5000XL: What sort of issues? Sept 21, 2019 18:57:35 GMT -5
frankthetriviaman: Anyone else having issues with discord? Sept 16, 2019 23:52:31 GMT -5
Admin: COMING SOON: OPERATION FALSE DAWN Mar 21, 2019 19:00:24 GMT -5
frankthetriviaman: where is everyone? Mar 3, 2019 1:19:45 GMT -5
TGC: although I'm still god of the wiki Mar 2, 2019 18:20:33 GMT -5
TGC: I approve of the changes to my profile. Mar 2, 2019 0:31:38 GMT -5
Dante's Inferno: yeah i haven't done anything to it Feb 18, 2019 13:48:19 GMT -5
frankthetriviaman: No it’s still up Feb 18, 2019 12:16:08 GMT -5
Tug: So is the 4WSR website gone then? Feb 18, 2019 5:26:44 GMT -5 *
Toz5000XL: When this forum was founded in 2015, it had zero gay. Now, in 2019, we have about 968 gay, and more arrives everyday. Join 3WSR today and make a cishet cry! Jan 7, 2019 0:25:30 GMT -5
Dante's Inferno: Happy New Year. Jan 1, 2019 0:18:57 GMT -5
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